Friday, 18 January 2013

Tony Tough 2 - A Rake's Progress in English!

Tony Tough in A Rake's Progress, although released in 2006, is actually a prequel of the 1998's Night of Roasted Moths. It's a coming of age story, which while it is filled with hilarious dialogue, it also deals with some dark and mature themes. Like many other great adventure games it was never released in English, probably due to the hundreds of little bugs that plagued it, and unfortunately I'm talking literally! There's nothing game-breaking really, and I've managed to fix all text-subtitle related ones, but be prepared for a couple of crashes to the desktop during your whole playthrough.

This translation patch converts the German retail version of the game (Tony Tough 2 - Der Klugscheisser Kehrt Zurück) to an English one. Except the speech, which remains in German, everything else has been professionally translated into English. No machine translations here. You can find the game on the German Amazon online store.

To install the patch, simply extract the contents of the archive to the game directory and run the executable. Then press Install and agree to overwrite the file. I strongly suggest you install the official patch for the German version first. It doesn't conflict with the translation patch in any way. For your convenience, you can find this file here.

You can download the English translation patch here.

I wrote a walkthrough in English, which also details the various bugs I encountered, and which you can download here.


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