Saturday, 15 March 2014

Mortadelo and Filemon - The Scarab of Cleopatra in English!!!

Mortadelo and Filemon - The Scarab Of Cleopatra (The Sixth Sect Part 2) is a Spanish adventure game released by Alcachofa Soft in 2001.

Everything that I mentioned for the Mortadelo and Filemon - Operation Moscow applies to this one too. As a standalone game is way too short and far too easy, but it's supposed to be the equivalent of reading a Francisco Ibanez comic.

This patch, like the one of Operation Moscow, is about 100MB due to the fact that I had to insert hard-coded subtitles into the various cutscenes. Therefore there will be three different patches, one for Operation Moscow, one for The Scarab of Cleopatra and one for the complete Sixth Sect.

You can download the patch for The Scarab of Cleopatra here.


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