Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Black Sails: The Ghost Ship in English!!!

Black Sails: Das Geisterschiff (aka Black Sails: The Ghost Ship) is a German adventure game released by Deck13 in 2010. Like many, many others it was never localized in English.

This patch converts the German retail release of the game to an English one. Obviously the spoken language will remain in German, but menu, in-game text and subtitles have been translated in English.

To install the patch extract the archive to the game directory (that's where where the uninstall.exe is) and overwrite the files as necessary. Then run the batch file named RunMe.bat and again choose yes to overwrite the files when asked. Please read the instructions in ReadMe.txt carefully.

I strongly suggest you apply the latest official patch for the German retail release which you can find here. This will update the version of the game from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1. You need to apply this official patch BEFORE you apply my English patch. The English patch will update the version to 1.0.5.

As always, you can buy the game from the German Amazon online store.

1. By default the subtitles are turned off, so the first time you run the game you have to go to the Settings menu and turn them on.
2. Don't use very high resolutions because it will made the fonts very small and the various notes and letters in the game will be difficult to read.
3. If the intro cutscene is displayed stretched on the top part of the screen you have to set the anti-aliasing option to 4x. Somehow the antialiasing option messes with the cutscene playback!
4. If the game crashes during save/load then you need to set your Standards and Formats in the Regional Options to English (United States). In other words you need to change how your time and date is displayed. It doesn't need a restart and you can change it back any time you want.

You can download the English patch for Black Sails - The Ghost Ship here.

I also wrote a walkthrough in English which you can download here.


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  1. Здравствуйте. Надеюсь вы говорите по русски. Я разрабатываю игру, квест и хотел бы узнать, переводите ли Вы игры на английский если Вас попросить или какие у Вас условия для перевода игр? Вот адрес где можно ознакомиться с моей игрой
    Спасибо за внимание. Вот моя почта для связи.