Thursday, 24 October 2013

Planetarian [PSP] in English!

Planetarian is a Japanese post-apocalyptic visual novel developed by Key in 2004 and is rated for all ages. Key defines Planetarian as a "kinetic novel", since its gameplay offers no choices or alternate endings. Instead, the player proceeds through the story solely by reading.

This patch converts the Japanese PSP version of the game to an English one. It works with all versions of the game. The translation was taken directly from the fan-translated PC version.

To install this patch unpack the archive to a directory, copy the iso of the game to the same directory, rename the iso to Planetarian.iso and then run the batch file.

Obviously you will need a PSP with custom firmware to play the game. Unfortunately it doesn't work well with the current emulators and although PPSSPP may seem fine at first, it will freeze on a video near the end...

The patch can be downloaded here.



  1. great job dude ...thanks :D

  2. Man, you are seriously amazing. My hat off to you.

  3. Nice! :)
    Planetarian ist definitely one of the better visual novels out there.
    Though I have to say that I lost interest in contemporary Japanese pop culture, there's just too little good stuff to find. A shame. :(

  4. Does it works on the "charity version" too?

    1. Yes, it works on all releases, including the Charity Edition.

  5. you used hex editing, or editing program has this visual novel?
    (if you have the program, please send me email: extreme.vns @

    Marquinhos Saurai
    Programmer's Extreme Vn
    P.S: Excuse my English because I am Brazilian

    voce usou edição hexadecimal, ou possui programa para edição desta visual novel?
    (se voce possui o programa, por favor me envia por e-mail: )

    Marquinhos Saurai
    Programador da Extreme Vn's
    P.S: desculpe meu ingles, pois sou brasileiro