Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pilot Brothers: On the Track of the Striped Elephant in English!

Pilot Brothers 1 - On the Track of the Striped Elephant is a Russian adventure game released in 1997 and based on the famous Russian cartoon of the same name. Its gameplay is very similar to the Goblins games. 

The game doesn't have an installer or any menus and the characters say all about five lines in the whole game. Also it only plays in a window, not full screen! Since I didn't translate the text in the background pictures you can consider it a partial patch. The intro has English voice overs, taken from the android version, and all hot-spots and dialogue lines have been translated into English. 

To install it, simply copy the contents of the CD to a directory on your hard drive, copy the patch to the same directory, extract it and overwrite the files when asked.

Like most of my Russian games, I bought my copy from which is one of the very few retailers that ship video games outside the Russian Federation.

You can download the patch here.


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  1. There's also a German Boxed Release.